Wife of Rick Grimes, my son is Carl Grimes. All I'm trying to do is survive with my family in this hell hole. oh you can ask me questions.


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Tryna make a livin, and hopin yer willin ta stick 'round an' except me fer who I am.

I am going to stick around. I’m not going anywhere.

deputyshane asked
Hey lori..

Hey, Shane. How are you?

My author thinks that he’s really hot…I disagree…a little bit, don’t tell anyone

My author thinks that he’s really hot…I disagree…a little bit, don’t tell anyone


Promo pics of  2x09 - Triggerfinger

Old man’s got himself a gun.

Women, Zombie Apocalypses, and vibrators.

Women, Zombie Apocalypses, and vibrators.

Dark Harbor PartII

My favorite part is when he makes out with Alan Rickman… hot guy on even hotter guy ;)

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What do you think of everyone in camp, including the new people?

Well…I’ll sort of go down the list:

Carol: I love her like a sister

Andrea: She has her moments where I want to punch her in the face, but I’m sure she feels the same about me, she means well though

Shane: I dislike him (not all the time) for obvious reasons

Dale: He’s the father of my baby He’s really good with Carl, so that’s a plus for me

Rick: He’s my husband, I love him with all my heart, along with Carl, but he’s my son

T-Dog: I don’t have problems with him, he doesn’t mess with me

Daryl: He’s always asking me if I’m doing ok, which is nice, compared to others

Glenn: He’s always quick to run to the town to get things for me, thanks Glenn

Maggie: Our first, sort of, exchange/interaction was…awkward…but she’s awesome, I like Maggie

Sophia: Is my new daughter, of course I love her

Hershel: …. I don’t like him at the moment …

Patricia: She let us cook in their kitchen, she’s nice, I like her

The OC’s: there are a lot of you, but I love all of you! Unless you piss me off, you don’t want to mess with a crazy pregnant hormonal woman

I love Honor, she’s someone I can talk to about anything